About Vitafy

The Best Way to Healthy Living

Our Story

Vitafy is based on the Latin word “Vita” which means life. So, when a consumer needs a new primary care doctor or another medical professional, they want to improve their life or someone they love.

Think of Vitafy as the Google search for healthy living.

We built Vitafy from scratch using the fastest search algorithm to match a consumer’s location to the nearest health care professional anywhere around the county. Yes, Vitafy is the nation’s only comprehensive and fastest healthcare search engine.

We designed Vitafy to help medical professionals simply and quickly attract and add new patients.

  • Every professional’s listing includes a “Schedule Now” feature to receive a new patient request.
  • Every profile is completely customizable.
  • Every profile is designed for Google, allowing more leads.
  • Only verified patients reviews are published and there is an equitable dispute process

Most importantly, we developed Vitafy as the only pro-medical search engine built for Google. This means that every physician or healthcare member’s profile is completely searchable by Google which includes keyword fields, tags and descriptions unique to each member. If you’d like to learn more, Get Started today.

Our Leaders

People behind Vitafy

Ojash Shrestha
Founder & CEO

Ojash’s mission is to empower providers and patients to make informed healthcare decisions. After starting his own consulting business, he saw his health insurance premium increase by 500% in three years.  The skyrocketing costs sent him on journey and he discovered the benefits of Direct Primary Care and Healthshare program where he saved over 75%. Based on his personal experience, Ojash founded Vitafy to help individuals and companies connect with high value providers for better care and lower cost. 

Ojash holds a Bachelor's degree in Management Information Systems and Mathematics, and a Masters Degree in Computer Science with a concentration in AI and Data Mining. Ojash founded Novelty Technology that specializes in building secure data systems and technology for the healthcare industry.  He is an investor and partner in two healthcare firms in addition to founding Vitafy.

Ojash lives in Charlotte with his family. He travels frequently including returning to Nepal, where he leads an offshore software development team and a charity called Ganga Ghar that helps underprivileged children. www.gangaghar.org.  

Peter Grimes
Chief Revenue Officer

Peter started his healthcare career over 30 years ago, when he worked for a boutique investment banking firm in downtown Milwaukee. Specializing in the medical and insurance arenas, he became a stakeholder in several local start-ups such as Criticare Systems Inc., and Universal Medical Buildings.

Peter helped build Associates for Health Care (AHC), which became Wisconsin’s largest independently owned Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), shaping the medical industry to what it is today.

Grimes has continued to build and grow successful businesses and partnerships as a healthcare consultant. When the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed, he became CMS certified. He helped launched one of the first Direct Primary Care (DPC) clinics in Wisconsin and continues to advocate for direct paying clinics in nine states.

Peter is a Wisconsin native and a graduate of the Wisconsin School of Business at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He holds bachelor’s degrees in both marketing and management. In his free time, Peter sits on the Design Review Board for the Village of Shorewood, Wisconsin, and serves as a Boy Scout Troop Commissioner.

Nathan Misirian
VP of Marketing

Nathan Misirian has focused on Google marketing strategies for businesses and organizations. His expertise enables them to achieve increased website visibility to attract more clients and provides valuable information on the usage and key components of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), paid ads (AdWords), and relevant social media.

He has led multiple Google Marketing projects in French, German, Italian and English throughout North America and Europe. Nathan’s company has successfully completed over 300 digital engagements for organizations and clients.

Nathan holds an undergraduate degree in Education from Cedarville University in Ohio and a Masters in Business from the University of Wisconsin (UW) Milwaukee.

He is an active member of the German American Chamber of Commerce and the Northern Kane County Chamber of Commerce.

As a volunteer, Nathan serves as a mentor to high school and college students seeking business and marketing careers. He speaks monthly at area schools and serves as a business plan judge for Virtual Enterprise Institute, https://veinternational.org/, a non-profit dedicated to teaching students how to run a business. He also donates his time on a monthly basis serving as the digital marketing director for a local, no kill animal shelter.

Robert E. Pfeiffer
VP, Strategic Partnerships

Bob Pfeiffer is a natural sales leaders focused on the healthcare industry. He understands the complexities of health insurance and how it impacts individuals, physicians and employers.  He travels extensively working with groups to identify and find the best and most affordable healthcare coverage.

Bob works with employers of all sizes to take advantage of using healthshare programs to lower healthcare costs and support the Direct Primary Care Physician model. As VP of Strategic Partnerships, Bob also works with Health Systems, insurance intermediaries and self-funded employers to align all constituencies in the common goals of better health and lower cost. Working with Bob, customers find he is always available, easy to work with and quick to respond to any need.

Bob holds a BS in Marketing from Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, IL.