Are you a DPC looking to grow your practice 

and help patients save money?

DPC Overview


Direct Primary Care Providers, like yourself, are changing the healthcare industry for the better. You are restoring the doctor-patient relationship by providing a personalized, high-quality and high-value care. With simplified care and effective management of chronic illnesses, you are creating a healthier world and reducing the overall healthcare cost. 

Vitafy was created with these principles in mind. Vitafy means healthier life. It is designed to help consumers or employer groups find their nearest Direct Primary Care to create local partnership for better care. The tool also empowers you with access to specialty care and their cost to offer options to your patients. 

We want to empower Direct Primary Care Providers with information and platform to attract new patients and grow their practice.  

Why Join Vitafy?


Grow with Google Marketing

Vitafy's platform uses the same Google search technologies for keyword searches. You will be connected with our Google marketing strategist to optimize your page for better visibility and to drive more business to your practice. 


Help Patients Save Money

There is no relationship between cost and quality in healthcare. Some of the best providers have some of the lowest cost. We help you guide your patients to those excellent value based providers when they need care outside of your practice.  


Stand out in the crowd

Every healthcare is local and personal. Customize your page with a picture, bio and more to create that special connection with patients looking for a primary care physician for them or their family. Vitafy gives you the tool to make it personal.


Partners with local Employers

We work with Employer Groups in your area to help them understand the value of DPC as part of their benefit offerings. We connect you and the employer groups for a win-win relationship


Partner with Healthshare Programs

Healthshare companies offer discounts to members when they have a relationship with a DPC. We help make that connection to drive more patients to your practice and reduce their cost further. 


Track Referrals & Inquiries

You will have better tracking around your referrals or inquiries to a specialty care providers or a care benefit specialist. This transparency will allow you to provide a better care for your patients. 

How does it Work?

We understand that your time is valuable and well spent with the patients. So, we made Vitafy very easy. 


  • Is Vitafy free?

    Yes, Vitafy is completely free. You can register your practice and join the national network of DPCs. You can customize your profile, offer services and get an appointment request online on your pa ...

  • What is VIP Program & how much does it cost?

    Just like it sounds, you get VIP access to our google marketing specialist, employer and healthshare agent, and marketplace with specialty care bundled payments starting at $49 per month. The prima ...

  • Is there a contract?

    There is no contract. We believe in adding value to your practice and if we can't do that, then we don't deserve to be paid. We believe in free market and choices. You can cancel your VIP program a ...


Features & Benefits

  • Integrated Google Marketing
  • Pro-physician controls
  • Online appointment system
  • Referral & inquiry tracking
  • Easily find specialty care
  • Marketplace for bundled cost
  • Partner with Employers & Healthshare

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