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What is Vitafy's technology?

Vitafy is the most comprehensive cloud based healthcare platform that brings providers, patients, agents and payors together to offer & promote high value care and service. The platform includes millions of medical professional records updated weekly along with the ability for individuals and organizations to customize it to their needs. The platform is pre-built with many great features like Find a Doc, Appointments, One-click Survey, Google Marketing, Direct Pay Marketplace, Member eligibility and verification, Private Network and many more. 

Vitafy is built on the fastest search and secured technology and is the only pro-medical search engine built for Google. The platform is designed with a SAAS (Software as a Service) and PAAS (Platform as a Service) architecture to simplify integration and customization to serve you and your clients need. If you are looking for a simple API integration or a white label enterprise solutions to manage your network directory or find a doc tool, it's all ready to go. 

Why Use Vitafy


Scale fast

Our solutions provide seamless integration, security, and interoperability with healthcare data and platform, allowing you to quickly turn your challenges into competitive advantages. Our suite of products are designed to help you scale quickly from day one.


Reduce Cost

Our cost-effective and easily customizable platform and API provide integration with a broad suite of current, comprehensive and cleansed healthcare need. Our dedicated team of data experts keeps the data well maintained, and ready to serve your data needs.


Focus on Core

Our Solution allow you to stay focussed on core strategy to lead the continuously evolving business landscape, client expectations and government regulations, while, we solve your most pressing data and technology needs.

Vitafy Platform

Eligibility & Membership Verification
Find a Doc (FAD)
One-click Survey
Appointment Management
API Integration
Google Marketing
Provider Network Directory
Direct Pay Marketplace

Explore all the amazing features of Vitafy

Explore all the amazing features of Vitafy.